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Corporate Partners

Corporate packs are designed to engage and empower employees or bring greater awareness of targeted topics to employees, customers, or clients. It can help inform employees of available health benefits during open enrollment or as an incentive for healthy behaviors.

Partner Packs


NNL partners with EY to create customized packs to surprise and delight event participants and convey messages of well-being and acceptance. The packs contain helpful tips and information, like the mental health benefits of journaling or tips to stop the spread of germs, plus branded tools to put these lessons into practice.

Bristol-Myers Squibb & Aetna

NNL collaborates with Bristol-Myers Squibb and Aetna to create a customized women's Well Box with well-being tips and tools to support a woman's journey. The Well Box is built around "My Whole Healthy Life Plan" to support good health decisions and behaviors with tips, challenges, tools, and a social media component.


NNL consults with Accenture to create a unique gift for event attendees to set it apart from the rest. NNL creates customized designs for the resealable packs as our focus groups continue to stress the importance of a well-designed pack and the ability for recipients to re-use, not just recycle. The packs provide great brand awareness on items that will be used by recipients on a daily basis.

Boston Scientific

NNL teams up with Boston Scientific to create a series of well-being packs to show potential recruits, customers, and attendees it cares. Packs include tips on ways to stay fit and be well, along with the branded tools to put these lessons into practice.


NNL collaborates with Sony to create engaging packs to welcome new employees & interns into the Sony family, as recognition of a job well-done, and to recruit the best and the brightest by sharing what makes Sony so special. All NNL's promotional products are QCA certified for product safety, product quality, supply chain security, social compliance, and environmental sustainability.

Tufts Health Plan

NNL partners with Tufts to bring greater awareness of its 5-star rating and to provide healthy tips for new enrollees during its open enrollment period. The pack contents convey messages of overall good health and reinforces the reasons why Tufts Health Plan is a 5-star rated plan.

Ohio Health

NNL works closely with Ohio Health to create the CareBox as a tool for patients enrolled in its diabetes prevention program to more fully engage in the program and reinforce the lessons learned to manage their chronic conditions. The CareBox focuses on the six dimensions of well-being with education and tools to empower recently diagnosed patients to feel confident in living their life with the disease.


What type of corporate pack programs can I provide to my employees?

Programs can be used whenever a company needs to engage its employees or customers and either inform them or incentivize certain behavior. For example, new employee starter packs, health benefit packs during open enrollment, wellness packs, recruiting packs, or other incentive programs.

How do I know what to include to educate or incentivize my employees?

New Normal Life (NNL) has a library of educational content to drive behavior accompanied by the promotional tools to put the education immediately into practice. NNL will provide a range of pack options at different price ranges.

Can a company have a standing order and replenish on an as-needed basis?

Yes, we encourage a company to determine its need for an extended period of time to gain cost efficiencies with a larger order. Packs can then be replenished on an as-needed basis.

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