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Collegiate Partners

The College Packs take a collaborative approach to help students manage the hundred little choices they make every day that can lead to better life-balance. The packs are FREE to students and at no cost to participating schools. The packs include healthy living tips, important campus information, phone numbers, websites, ideas to get moving on campus, and showcase products with coupons, samples, and product education to allow students to make informed decisions.

Collegiate Partners


How do I learn about the College Pack program and if it is right for my university?

Contact Lynn Long or Juli Sinnett for an informational Webex or for references from partnering universities.

Do you partner with colleges in select regions or of certain sizes?

We work with schools throughout the continental U.S. of various sizes in urban, suburban, and rural locations. Contact Lynn Long or Juli Sinnett for a list of partnering schools and references.

Are packs generic or customized by university?

The packs are customized for each university and feature information selected by the schools.

What university departments are featured in the College Pack?

A strong pack features a full campus offering which can include Student Wellness, Housing, Health Center, Mental Health Services, Rec Center, Dining, Dietician, Student Affairs, and Greek Life.

How much does it cost for a university to participate and provide customized packs to its students?

The packs are free to the university and its students.

Are packs eco-friendly?

Yes, the packs are when the school has composting capabilities. Printed collateral is on FSC certified paper. We also work with schools to bring awareness of their composting and recycling programs.

How can I feature my product and samples in the College Pack?

Our partnering colleges approve the products that will be showcased to their students. Contact Lynn Long or Juli Sinnett if you would like to discuss the opportunity.

Can any retailer participate in the College Pack program?

We identify retailers by their proximity to partnering university to ensure students can easily access the retailer. Contact Lynn Long or Juli Sinnett to discuss a program for your retailer.

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