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About Us

We value diverse experiences to bring forth collaborative & effective change

Lynn Long

Lynn is a passionate leader who understands the value and power of an inspired team.

Lynn is a finance and operations executive with a background in financial services and healthcare. Prior to starting New Normal Life, Lynn was a C-level executive at Pri-Med, a medical education and EHR software company focused on improved outcomes. This desire to improve consumer outcomes was the cornerstone of New Normal Life and why she founded the company. To empower people with information to make healthier life decisions.

Lauren Cronin

Lauren Cronin is a business development executive with a background in medical education, SaaS technology, and healthcare. A licensed RN, Lauren is a graduate of Boston College School of Nursing, and lives in Wellesley, MA with her husband and three children.

Our Values

It's clear

We will share what we know. We may have different thoughts on the path forward, but will discuss to understand our options and ensure we are clear on direction and supportive in every decision.


Sometimes life gets so busy that we fail to stop to take the time to celebrate our accomplishments. Every week we will celebrate our wins and the employees and customers who got us there.


Years ago a boss explained a simple test to ensure you are working at the right place. He said to get out of bed in the morning and see if you look forward to going to work and are excited about the day ahead. We want our employees to look forward to each day's challenges and share the passion!

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