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Customizable well-being programs, products & services to meet the unique needs of consumers, companies, employees & the communities where they live, work, and travel.

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The Carebox Program

For People Seeking Healthy, Sustainable Lifestyles

DIRECT – Reaching consumers through a clutter-free channel directly to their homes.

INNOVATIVE – Anchored in education, but presented in an engaging way by showcasing healthy products & services to treat the whole person and the entire circle of family, friends and colleagues.

CREDIBLE – Partner with consumers’ trusted partners for better health; grocery stores, pharmacies, clinicians, hospital networks, or insurance providers.

TARGETED – Target the 69% of U.S. adults who are overweight or obese and searching for better healthy lifestyle choices.

HALO EFFECT – Showcase sponsored products as part of a collaborative whole-life healthy solution that is complimentary to the consumer.

The Wellbox Program

An Inclusive Wellness Program for All Employees

INCLUSIVE – No opt-in required. All employees receive My WellBox for 100% participation and the opportunity to succeed at their own pace.

ACTIONABLE – Teaches simple changes to help live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and potentially avoid disease management. No financial investment in gear to get started.

COMMUNITY-BASED – Solutions available in the employees’ backyards for easy lifestyle changes.

COMPREHENSIVE – Designed for the participation of the circle of friends, family & colleagues for a stronger support network and lasting healthy behavioral changes.

The WellPack Series

For Everyone

365 LEARNING – Anchored in education and designed to reinforce lessons learned throughout the year.

GOAL ORIENTED – Customized packs to meet the needs of the recipients and their circle of family, friends, and colleagues.

COMMUNITY-BASED – Content available in English and Spanish to meet the needs of the community. Other languages can be made available.

EXPANSIVE SOLUTIONS – 60+ titles available with new pack titles added on a regular basis.

AFFORDABLE – Pack pricing starting at 500 pieces. Allows for multiple touch-points throughout the year with a customized WellPack series.

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The CareBox is currently distributed through community grocery stores and The WellBox and WellPacks through employers. We are continually expanding our network and would love to include your connection. Let us know who to call.

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