Sept|Oct 2018

Sept. 19 is National School Backpack Awareness Day
Oct. 12 - 20 is Bone & Joint Health Action Week

Getting Back to School with the Right Pack

As kids are getting back to school, make sure to lighten the load so the backpack is no more than 10% of your child's weight; heavy backpacks can cause falls and spinal damage.

Watch for warning signs that the backpack is too heavy, including:

  1. difficulty when putting on or taking off the backpack
  2. pain when wearing the backpack
  3. tingling or numbness in the arms or legs
  4. red strap marks over the anterior part of the shoulders
  5. any change in the side to side posture while wearing the backpack


Childhood Obesity on Bones & Joints

Kids and teens suffering from obesity are at much higher risk of developing bone and joint problems.  Be on the lookout for the following problems, as finding them early allows for better treatment and may prevent lifelong problems that can interfere with comfort and the ability to lead an active life: Pain in the Back or Hips, Bowed Legs and Knock Knees.