A Shared Goal

We have a clear mission
Be shocked that 69% of the U.S. adult population is overweight or obese and that half is diabetic or pre-diabetic. Be saddened that these unhealthy lifestyles and habits have been passed down to our children and now a quarter of our kids will enter kindergarten obese or overweight. And now... Be part of the solution.  It is our time!
The good news is that there are different market segments that are focused on improved human health. Healthcare providers are trying to implement value-based care to replace volume-based care. Pharmaceutical and device companies are working on how to improve medication and device adherence for better patient outcomes. Consumer goods companies understand that they have contributed to the problem, but are committed to being part of the solution by introducing healthier choices. Retailers are also determined to get consumers moving and to be catalysts. Each silo has made strides, but the challenge is that success requires a collaborative solution. This is New Normal Life’s role.


We created The CareBox and WellBox Programs to bring together healthy solutions to treat the whole patient or employee and family in his or her community. The CareBox and WellBox Programs are anchored in education but presented in an engaging way by showcasing products and services that lead to a sustainable healthy lifestyle and achieve our shared goal to improve human health.